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First Line: Blest is he that spotless stands
Last Line: Which hath fill'd the world's wide space.

ALEPH. Beati immaculati

BLEST is he that spotless stands
In the way of God's commands.

Blessed he that keeps His word:
Whose entire heart seeks the Lord;

For the man that walketh in
His just paths commits no sin.

By Thy strict commands we are
Bound to keep Thy laws with care.

O that my steps might not slide
From Thy statutes' perfect guide.

So shall I decline Thy wrath,
Treading Thy commanded path;

Having learn'd Thy righteous ways,
With true heart I'll sing Thy praise.

In Thy statutes I'll persever:
Then forsake me not for ever!

BETH. In quo corriget?

How shall youth, but by the level
Of Thy word, be kept from evil?

Let my soul, that seeks the way
Of Thy truth, not go astray.

Where, lest my frail feet might slide,
In my heart Thy words I hide.

Blest be Thou, O Lord! O show
How I may Thy statues know.

I have publish'd the divine
Judgments of Thy mouth with mine;

Which have fill'd my soul with pleasure
More than all the heaps of treasure.

They shall all the subject prove
Of my talk and of my love.

Those my darlings no time shall
From my memory let fall.

GIMEL. Retribue servo tuo

Let Thy grace, O Lord, preserve me,
That I may but live to serve Thee.

Open my dark eyes, that I
May Thy wondrous laws descry.

Let Thy glorious light appear:
I am but a pilgrim here.

Yet the zeal of their desire
Hath even set my heart on fire.

Thy fierce rod and curse o'ertaketh
Him that proudly Thee forsaketh.

I have kept Thy laws, O God:
Turn from me Thy curse and rod!

Though combined princes rail'd,
Yet thy servant hath not fail'd

In their study to abide;
For they are my joy, my guide.

DALETH. Adhæsit pavimento

For Thy word's sake, give new birth
To my soul that cleaves to earth.

Thou hast heard my tongue untwine
All my ways: Lord, teach me Thine!

Make me know them, that I may
All Thy wondrous works display.

Thou hast said the word: then bring
Ease to my soul languishing.

Plant in me Thy laws' true love,
And the veil of lies remove.

I have chosen truth to lie
The fix'd object of mine eye.

On Thy word my faith I grounded,
Let me not then be confounded.

When my soul from bonds is freed,
I shall run Thy ways with speed.

HE. Legem pone

Teach me, Lord, Thy ways, and I
From that road will never fly.

Give me knowledge, that I may
With my heart Thy laws obey.

Unto that path my steps move,
For I there have fix'd my love.

Fill my heart with those pure fires,
Not with covetous desires.

To vain sights, Lord, let me be
Blind, but Thy ways let me see.

Make Thy promise firm to me,
That with fear have served Thee.

'Cause Thy judgments ever were
Sweet, divert the shame I fear.

Let not him, in justice, perish,
That desires Thy laws to cherish.

VAU. Et veniat super me

Let Thy loving mercies cure me,
As Thy promises assure me;

So shall the blasphemer see
I not vainly trust in Thee;

Take not quite the words away
Of Thy truth, that are my stay:

Then I'll keep Thy laws, even till
Winged time itself stand still.

And, whilst I pursue Thy search,
With secure steps will I march.

Unashamed I'll record,
Even before great kings, Thy word.

That shall be my joy, for there
My thoughts ever fixed were;

With bent mind and stretch'd-out hands
I will seek Thy lov'd commands.

ZAINE. Memor esto verbi tui.

Think upon Thy promise made,
For in that my trust is laid;

That, my comfort in distress:
That hath brought my life redress.

Though the proud hath scorn'd me, they
Made me not forsake Thy way;

Thy eternal judgments brought
Joy to my rememb'ring thought;

With great sorrow I am taken,
When I see Thy laws forsaken:

Which have made me songs of mirth,
In this pilgrimage of earth.

Which I mindful was to keep,
When I had forgot to sleep:

Thy commands I did embrace,
Therefore I obtain'd Thy grace.

HETH. Portio mea, Domine.

Thou, O Lord, art my reward:
To Thy laws my thoughts are squar'd;

With an humble heart I crave,
Thou wilt promis'd mercy have.

I have mark'd my steps, and now
To Thy ways my feet I bow.

Nor have I the time delay'd,
But with haste this journey made,

Where, though bands of sinners lay
Snaring nets, I keep my way.

I myself at midnight raise,
Singing Thy just judgments' praise.

I converse with those that bear
To Thy laws obedient fear.

Teach me them, Lord, by that grace
Which hath fill'd the world's wide space.

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