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PSALM 12. SALVUM ME FAC, by            
First Line: Lord help, it is high time for me to call
Last Line: Which if it last woe to all simple hearts.

Lord help, it is high time for me to call,
No men are left that charity do love,
Nay even the race of good men are decayed.
Of things vain with vain mates they babble all,
Their abject lips no breath but flattery move
Sent from false heart on double meaning stayed.
But Thou, O Lord, give them a thorough fall,
Those lying lips from cozening head remove,
In falsehood wrapt, but in their pride displayed.

Our tongues, say they, beyond them all shall go;
We both have power, and will our tales to tell,
For what lord rules our bold emboldened breast.
Ah, now even for their sakes, that taste of woe,
Whom troubles toss, whose natures need doth quell,
Even for the signs, true signs of man distressed,
I will get up saith God, and My help show
Against all them, that against Him do swell,
Maugre their force I will set him at rest.

These are God's words, God's words are ever pure,
Pure, purer than the silver throughly tried
When fire seven times hath spent his earthly parts.
Then Thou, O Lord, shalt keep the good still sure.
By Thee preserved, in Thee they shall abide;
Yea, in no age Thy bliss from them departs.
Thou seest each side the walking doth endure
Of these bad folks, more lifted up with pride,
Which if it last woe to all simple hearts.

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