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PSALM 127, by                    
First Line: The house jehova builds not
Last Line: Shall unto him be dreadfull.
Subject(s): Religion; Sleep; Theology

The house Jehova builds not
The Town Jehova guards not
No use of early rising
Not ought at all it helps thee
As unto weary senses
So bounty cometh uncausd
No not Thy children hast Thou
They are they are Jehovas
The multitude of infants
The multitude of arrowes
His happyness triumpheth
No countenance of haters
We vainly strive to build it
We vainly watch to guard it.
As useless is our watching
To eat Thy bread with anguish
A sleepy rest unasked
From him to his beloved
By choice by chance by nature
Rewards from him rewarding
A good man holds resembleth
A mighty archer holdeth.
Who beare a quiver of them
Shall unto him be dreadfull.

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