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First Line: All happyness shall thee betide
Last Line: But gifts of peace shall grace
Subject(s): Christianity; Zen Buddhism

All happyness shall Thee betide
That dost Jehova feare
And walking in the paths abide
By him first trodden were
The labours of Thy hands
Deserved fruit shall beare
And where Thy dwelling stands
All blisse, all plenty there.

Thy Wife a vine a fruitfull vine
Shall in Thy parlour spring
Thy table compasse children thine
As olive plants in ring
On Thee I say on Thee
That fear'st the heav'nly King
Such happyness shall he
He shall from Sion bring.

Yea while to Thee Thy breath shall hold
Though longest running race
Thou Salem ever shalt behold
In wealth and wished case
And childrens children view
While Jacobs dwelling place
No plagues of Warr persue
But gifts of peace shall grace

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