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First Line: From depth of greif
Last Line: Forgetting follys faults forgiving.

From depth of greif
Where droun'd I ly
Lord for releife
To Thee I cry
My ernest, vehement crying praying
Grant quick attending hearing weighing.

O Lord if Thou
Offences mark
Who shall not bow
To beare the cark
But with thy justice mercy dwelleth
Wherby thy worship more excelleth.

On Thee my soul
On Thee O Lord
Dependeth whole
And on Thy Word
Though sore with blott of sin defaced
Yet surest hope hath firmly placed

Who longest watch
Who soonest rise
Can nothing match
The early eyes
The greedy eyes my soule erecteth
While Gods true promise it expecteth.

Then Israel
On God attend
Attend him well
Who still Thy friend
In kindness hath Thee deare esteemëd
And often, often erst redeem'd.

Now as before
Unchanged hee
Will Thee restore
Thy state will free
All wickedness from Jacob driving
Forgetting follys faults forgiving.

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