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First Line: O praise the name, whereby the lord is knowne
Last Line: Salem resound, resound o sion hill.

O praise the name, whereby the Lord is knowne
praise him I saie you that his Servants be:
You whose attendance in his howse is showne,
and in the Courtes before his howse wee see.
Praise God, right termed God, for good is he,
O sweetelie singe,
unto his name, the sweetest sweetest thinge

For of his goodnes Jacob hath he chose,
chose Israel his owne Demaine to bee:
My tongue shall speake, for well my conscience knowes
greate is oure God, above all Gods is he.
each branch of whose inviolable decree
both Heavens doe keepe
and Earth, and Sea, and Seas unsounded deepe.

From whose extreames drawne up by his comaund
In flakie mistes, the reaking vapors rise:
Then high in Clowdes incorporate they stand:
laste owte of Clowdes raine flowes and lightning flies.
No lesse a treasure in his storehouse lies
Of breathing blasts
which oft drawne foorth, in winde his pleasure wasts.

He from best man, to most despised beaste
Egipts firste borne in one night overthrewe:
And yet not so his dreadfull showes he ceaste,
but did them still in Egipts midst renewe.
not onelie meaner men had cawse to rue,
But ev'n the best
of Pharaos courte, the king among the rest.

He manie nations mightie kings destroy'd:
Sehon for one, whoe ruld the Amorites,
And huge limbd Oge, whoe Basans crowne enjoy'd,
yea all the kingdoms of the Canaanites.
whose heritage, he gave the Isralites
His chosen traine
theire heritage for ever to remaine.

Therefore O Lord, thy name is famous still
the memorie thy auncient woonders gott:
Time well to world, his message maie fullfill
and backe returne to thee, yet never blott
out of oure thoughts, for how can be forgott,
The Lord that soe
forgives his servants, plagues his Servants foe.

What difference, what unproportioned odds,
to thee, theis Idolls, gould and silver beare?
which men have made, yet men have made theire Godds:
whoe though mouth, eye, and eare, and nose they weare
yet neither speake, nor looke, nor smell nor heare.
O Idolls right
whoe Idolls make, or Idolls make your might.

But you that are of Israels descent,
O praise the Lord, you that of Aron came:
O praise the Lord, you Levies howse assent
to praise the Lord you all his fearers frame:
your highest praise, to praise Jehovas name.
His praises still
Salem resound, resound O Sion hill.

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