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First Line: Heare my intreatie lord, the suite I send
Last Line: Thy servant should thee finde.

Heare my intreatie lord, the suite I send
with heede attend:
And as my hope, and trust is
reposed whole in thee
soe in thy truth and justice
yeeld audience to mee.
And make not least begining
to judge thy servants sinning
For Lord what living wight
lives sinneles in thy sight.

O rather look with ruth upon my woes,
whome rutheles foes,
with longe pursuite have chased,
and chased nowe hath caught
and caught in Toombe have placed
with dead men out of thought.
Aye mee, what now is lefte mee,
alas all knowledg refte mee
All courage faintelie fledd
I have nor harte nor head.

The best I can, is this, nay this is all:
that I can call
before my thoughts surveyeng
times evidences ould
all Deedes with comfort weyeng
that thy hand writing hould.
So hand and hart conspiring
I lifte noe lesse desiring
Thy grace I maie obtaine
then drought desireth raine.

Leave then delaie, and let his crie prevaile
whome force doth faile.
or let thy face be hidden
from one, whoe maie compare
with them whose Death hath bidden
adiew to life and care.
My hopes, let mercies morrowe,
soone chase my night of sorrowe:
My help, appoint my waie
I maie not wandring straie.

My cave, the closet, where I woonte to hide,
In troublous tide:
Nowe from those troubles save mee
and since my God thou art,
prescribe howe thou wouldst save mee
performe my duties parte
And least awrie I wander,
in walking this Meander:
Be thy right Spirite my guide,
to guard I goe not wide.

Thy honnour, justice, mercie crave of thee
O Lord that mee
reviv'd, thou shouldst deliver
from pressure of my woes
and in destructions river
engulfe, and swallowe those
whose hate thus makes in anguish
my Soule afflicted languish
for meete it is so kinde
thy servant should thee finde.

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