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First Line: Inhabitants of heavenlie land
Last Line: The blisse on you he laies.

Inhabitants of heavenlie land,
as loving subjects praise your kinge:
You that amongst them highest stand,
in highest notes Jehova singe.
Singe Angells all on carefull winge:
you that his Herauldes flie:
And you whome he doth Souldiers bringe,
in field his force to trie.

O praise him Sunn, the Sea of light
O praise him Moone the light of sea:
You prettie Starres in robe of night
as spangells twinckling, doe as they
Thou Spheare within whose bosome plaie
the rest that Earth emball
You waters banke, with starrie baye
O praise, O praise him all.

All theis I saie advaunce that name,
that doth eternall being showe:
whoe bidding into forme and frame,
not being yet, they all did growe.
All formed, framed, founded soe,
till ages uttmost date,
they place retaine, they order knowe
they keepe theire first estate.

When Heaven hath praisd, praise Earth a newe:
You Dragons first, her deepest guests:
Then soundles deepes, and what in you,
residing lowe, or moves, or rests,
you flames affrighting mortall brests,
you stones, that cloudes doe cast:
you featherie snowes, from winters nests
you vapours Sunnes apaste.

You boistrous windes, whose breath fullfills
what in his word, his will setts downe:
Ambitious Mountaines, curteous hills
you trees, that hills, and Mountains crowne
both you that proude of native ground,
stand fresh or tall to see:
And you that have your more renowne,
by what you beare then be.

You beastes in woodes, untam'd that raunge,
you that with men familliar goe:
you that your place by creeping chaunge
or ayrie streames with feathers rowe.
you statelie kinges, you subjects lowe,
you Lordes, and Judges all
you others, whose distinctions showe
howe sexe or age maie fall.

All theis, I saie, advaunce that name,
more high then skies, more lowe then grownd:
And since advaunced by the same,
you Jacobs sonnes, stand chieflie bound:
you Jacobs sonnes, be cheefe to sound,
your God Jehova's praise,
so fitt them well, on whome is fownd,
the blisse on you he laies.

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