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First Line: O lawde the lord, the god of hoasts commend
Last Line: Let high jehova highlie be extould.

O lawde the lord, the God of hoasts commend,
Exaulte his power, advaunce his holines.
with all your might lifte his Allmightines:
Your greatest praise, upon his greatnes spend.
Make Trumpetts noise in shrillest notes ascend:
Make, lute, and lire his loved fame expresse;
him let the Pipe, him let the Tabret blesse:
him Organs breath, that windes or waters lend.
Let ringing Timbrells, so his honnour sownd,
let sounding Cimballs, so his glorie ringe:
That in theire tunes such melodie be found,
as fitts the pompe of most triumphant kinge.
Conclude by all, that ayre or life enfould:
let high Jehova highlie be extould.

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