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PSALM 16. CONSERVA ME, by            
First Line: Save me, lord, for why thou art
Last Line: Shall in endless pleasures stand!

Save me, Lord, for why Thou art
All the hope of all my heart;
Witness Thou my soul with me
That to God, my God, I say:
Thou, my Lord, Thou art my stay,
Though my works reach not to Thee.

This is all the best I prove,
Good and godly men I love
And foresee their wretched pain
Who to other gods do run,
Their blood offerings I do shun,
Nay to name their names disdain.

God my only portion is
And of my child's part the bliss,
He then shall maintain my lot.
Say then, is not my lot found
In a goodly pleasant ground?
Have not I fair partage got?

Ever, Lord, I will bless Thee,
Who dost ever counsel me,
Ev'n when night with his black wing
Sleepy darkness doth o'ercast,
In my inward reins I taste
Of my faults and chastening.

My eyes still my God regard
And He my right hand doth guard,
So can I not be oppressed,
So my heart is fully glad,
So in joy my glory clad,
Yea, my flesh in hope shall rest.

For I know the deadly grave
On my soul no power shall have;
For I know Thou wilt defend
Even the body of Thine own,
Dear beloved Holy One,
From a foul corrupting end.

Thou the path wilt make me tread
Which to life, true life, doth lead,
Where who may contemplate Thee
Shall feel in Thy face's sight
All the fullness of delight,
And whose bodies placed be
On Thy blessed making hand
Shall in endless pleasures stand!

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