Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, PSALM 17. EXAUDI DOMINE JUSTITIAM, by OLD TESTAMENT BIBLE

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First Line: My suit is just, just lord, to my suit hark
Last Line: I shall see thee in likeness thine.

My suit is just, just Lord, to my suit hark;
I plain, sweet Lord, my plaint for pity mark;
And since my lips feign not with Thee
Thine ears vouchsafe to bend to me.
O let my sentence pass from Thine own face;
Show that Thy eyes respect a faithful case,
Thou that by proof acquainted art
With inward secrets of my heart.
When silent night might seem all faults to hide,
Then was I by Thy searching insight tried,
And then by Thee was guiltless found
From ill word and ill meaning sound.
Not weighing ought how fleshly fancies run,
Led by Thy word the rav'ner's steps I shun,
And pray that still Thou guide my way
Lest yet I slip or go astray.
I say again that I have called on Thee
And boldly say Thou wilt give ear to me,
Then let my words, my cries ascend,
Which to Thyself my soul will send.
Show then, O Lord, Thy wondrous kindness show,
Make us in mervailes of Thy mercy know
That Thou by faithful men wilt stand
And save them from rebellious hand.
Then keep me as the apple of an eye,
In Thy wings' shade then let me hidden lie
From my destroying wicked foes
Who for my death still me enclose.
Their eyes do swim, their face doth shine in fat,
And cruel words their swelling tongues do chat,
And yet their high hearts look so low
As how to watch our overthrow,
Now like a lion gaping to make preys,
Now like his whelp in den that lurking stays.
Up, Lord, prevent those gaping jaws
And bring to naught those watching paws.
Save me from them Thou usest as Thy blade,
From men I say, and from men's worldly trade,
Whose life doth seem most greatly blest
And count this life their portion best,
Whose bellies so with dainties Thou dost fill
And so with hidden treasures grant their will,
That they in riches flourish do
And children have to leave it to.
What would they more? And I would not their case.
My joy shall be pure to enjoy Thy face
When waking of this sleep of mine
I shall see Thee in likeness Thine.

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