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PSALM 21. DOMINE IN VIRTUTE, by            
First Line: New joy, new joy unto our king
Last Line: Thy power still be praised.

New joy, new joy unto our king,
Lord, from Thy strength is growing;
Lord, what delight to him doth bring
His safety from Thee flowing!
Thou hast given what his heart would have,
Nay soon as he but moved
His lips to crave, what he would crave
He had as him behoved.

Yea, Thou prevent'st ere ask he could
With many liberal blessing,
Crown of his head with crown of gold
Of purest metal dressing.
He did but ask a life of Thee,
Thou him a long life gavest;
Lo! even unto eternity
The life of him Thou savest.

We may well call his glory great
That springs from Thy salvation;
Thou, Thou it is that hast him set
In so high estimation.
Like storehouse Thou of blessings mad'st
This man for everlasting;
Unspeakably his heart Thou glad'st,
On him Thy count'nance casting.

And why all this? Because our king
In heaven his trust hath laid;
He only leans on highest thing,
So from base slip is stayed.
Thy hand Thy foes shall overtake
That Thee so evil have hated;
Thou as in fiery oven shalt make
these mates to be amated.

The Lord on them with causeful ire
Shall use destroying power,
And flames of never quenched fire
Shall these bad wights devour.
Their fruit shalt Thou from earthly face
Send unto desolation,
And from among the human race
Root out their generation.

For they to overthrow Thy will
Full wilily intended;
But all their bad mischievous skill
Shall fruitlessly be ended.
For like a mark Thou shalt a row
Set them in pointed places,
And ready make Thy vengeful bow
Against their guilty faces.

Lord in Thy strength, Lord in Thy might,
Thy honor high be raised,
And so shall, in our songs' delight,
Thy power still be praised.

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