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PSALM 25. AD TE DOMINE, by            
First Line: To thee, o lord most just
Last Line: O lord, from all his troubles fell.

To Thee, O Lord most just,
I lift my inward sight;
My God, in Thee I trust,
Let me not ruin quite;
Let not those foes that me annoy
On my complaint build up their joy.

Sure, sure who hope in Thee
Shall never suffer shame;
Let them confounded be
That causeless wrongs do frame.
Yea, Lord, to me Thy ways do show;
Teach me, thus vexed, what path to go.

Guide me as Thy truth guides;
Teach me for why Thou art
The God in whom abides
The saving me from smart;
For never day such changing wrought
That I from trust in Thee was brought.

Remember, only King,
Thy mercy's tenderness;
To Thy remembrance bring
Thy kindness, lovingness;
Let those things Thy remembrance grave,
Since they eternal essence have.

But, Lord, remember not
Sins brewed in youthful glass
Nor my rebellious blot
Since youth and they do pass;
But in Thy kindness me record,
Ev'n for Thy mercy's sake, O Lord.

Of grace and righteousness
The Lord such plenty hath
That He deigns to express
To sinning men His path.
The meek He doth in judgment lead,
And teach the humble how to tread.

And what think you may be
The paths of my great God?
Even spotless verity
And mercy spread abroad
To such as keep His covenant
And on His testimonies plant.

O Lord, for Thy name's sake
Let my iniquity
Of Thee some mercy take,
Though it be great in me.
Oh, is there one with his fear fraught?
He shall be by best teacher taught.

Lo, how His blessing buds
Inward, an inward rest,
Outward, all outward goods
By His seed eke possessed.
For such He makes His secret know;
To such He doth His cov'nant show.

Where then should my eyes be
But still on this Lord set?
Who doth and will set free
My feet from tangling net.
O look, O help, let mercy fall,
For I am poor, and left of all.

My woes are still increased;
Shield me from these assaults;
See how I am oppressed,
And pardon all my faults.
Behold my foes, what store they be,
Who hate, yea, hate me cruelly.

My soul, which Thou didst make,
Now made, O Lord, maintain,
And me from these ills take
Lest I rebuke sustain;
For Thou, the Lord, Thou only art,
Of whom the trust lives in my heart.

Let my uprightness gain
Some safety unto me;
I say, and say again,
My hope is all in Thee.
In fine, deliver Israel,
O Lord, from all his troubles fell.

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