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PSALM 26. JUDICA ME DEUS, by            
First Line: Lord, judge me and my case
Last Line: And tongue is prest to publish out thy praise.

Lord, judge me and my case,
For I have made my race
Within the bounds of innocence to bide,
And setting Thee for scope
Of all my trustful hope,
I held for sure that I should never slide.

Prove me, O Lord, most high,
Me with Thy touchstone try,
Yea, sound my reins, and inmost of my heart;
For so Thy loving hand
Before my eyes did stand
That from Thy truth will not depart.

I did not them frequent
Who be to vainness bent,
Nor kept with base dissemblers company;
Nay I did even detest
Of wicked wights the nest,
And from the haunts of such bad folks did fly.

In th' innocence of me
My hands shall washed be,
And with those hands about Thy altar wait,
That I may still express
With voice of thankfulness
The works performed by Thee most wondrous great.

Lord, I have loved well
The house where Thou dost dwell,
Ev'n where Thou makest Thy honor's biding place.
Sweet Lord, write not my soul
Within the sinners' roll,
Nor my life's cause match with bloodseeker's case,
Whose hands do handle nought,
But led by wicked thought
That hand whose strength should help of bribes is full.
But in integrity
My steps shall guided be,
Then me redeem, Lord, then be merciful.
Even truth that for me says
My foot on justice stays,
And tongue is prest to publish out Thy praise.

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