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First Line: The shining lord he is my light
Last Line: Shall joy impart.

The shining Lord He is my light,
The strong God my salvation is.
Who shall be able me to fright?
This Lord with strength my life doth bliss;
And shall I then
Fear might of men?
When wicked folk, even they that be
My foes, to utmost of their pow'r
With raging jaws environ me
My very flesh for to devour,
They stumble so
That down they go.
Then though against me armies were,
My courage should not be dismayed.
Though battle's brunt I needs must bear,
While battle's brunt on me were laid
In this I would
My trust still hold.
One thing indeed I did, and will
Forever crave, that dwell I may
In house of high Jehova still,
On beauty His my eyes to stay,
And look into
His temple too.
For when great griefs to me be meant,
In tabernacle His He will
Hide me, ev'n closely in His tent;
Yea, noble height of rocky hill
He makes to be
A seat for me.
Now, now shall He lift up my head
On my besieging enemies;
So shall I sacrifices spread,
Offerings of joy in temple His,
And song accord
To praise the Lord.
Hear, Lord, when I my voice display,
Hear to have mercy eke of me.
Seek ye my face, when Thou didst say,
In truth of heart I answered Thee,
O Lord I will
Seek Thy face still.
Hide not therefore from me that face,
Since all my aid in Thee I got.
In rage Thy servant do not chase.
Forsake not me, O leave me not,
O God of my
Salvation high.
Though father's care and mother's love
Abandoned me, yet my decay
Should be restored by Him above.
Teach, Lord, Lord, lead me Thy right way,
Because of those
That be my foes,
Unto whose ever-hating lust
O, give me not, for there are sprung
Against me witnesses unjust,
Ev'n such I say, whose lying tongue
Fiercely affords
Most cruel words.
What had I been, except I had
Believed God's goodness for to see,
In land with living creatures clad?
Hope, trust in God, be strong, and He
Unto thy heart
Shall joy impart.

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