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PSALM 30. EXALTABO TE DOMINE, by                
First Line: O lord, thou hast exalted me
Last Line: I will thee thanks forever sing.

O Lord, Thou hast exalted me
And saved me from foes' laughing scorn;
I owe Thee praise, I will praise Thee.

For when my heart with woes was torn,
In cries to Thee I showed my cause
And was from evil by Thee upborn.

Yea, from the grave's most hungry jaws
Thou wouldst not set me on their score
Whom Death to his cold bosom draws.

Praise, praise this Lord then evermore,
Ye saints of His, remembering still
With thanks His holiness therefore.

For quickly ends his wrathful will,
But His dear favor where it lies
From age to age life joys doth fill.

Well may the evening clothe the eyes
In clouds of tears, but soon as sun
Doth rise again, new joys shall rise.

For proof, while I my race did run
Full of success, fond I did say
That I should never be undone,

For then my hill good God did stay;
But, as He straight His face did hide,
And what was I but wretched clay?

Then thus to Thee I praying cried:
What serves alas the blood of me
When I within the pit do bide?

Shall ever dust give thanks to Thee,
Or shall Thy truth on mankind laid
In deadly dust declared be?

Lord, hear, let mercy Thine be stayed
On me, from me help this annoy.
Thus much I said, this being said,

Lo, I that wailed, now dance for joy.
Thou didst ungird my doleful sack
And madest me gladsome weeds enjoy.

Therefore my tongue shall never lack
Thy endless praise; O God, my King,
I will Thee thanks forever sing.

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