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First Line: Blessed is the man whose filthy stain
Last Line: Your hearts with clearness armed.

Blessed is the man whose filthy stain
The Lord with pardon doth make clean,
Whose fault well hidden lieth.
Blessed indeed to whom the Lord
Imputes not sins to be abhorred,
Whose spirit falsehood flieth.

Thus I, pressed down with weight of pain,
Whether I silent did remain
Or roared, my bones still wasted;
For so both day and night did stand
On wretched me, Thy heavy hand,
My life hot torments tasted.

Till myself did my faults confess
And opened mine own wickedness,
Whereto my heart did give me;
So I myself accused to God,
And His sweet grace straight eased the rod
And did due pain forgive me.

Therefore shall every godly one
In fit time make to Thee his moan,
When Thou wilt deign to hear him.
Sure, sure the floods of straying streams,
However they put in their claims,
Shall never dare come near him.

Thou art my safe and secret place
Who savest me from troublous case
To songs and joyful bidding.
But who so will instructed be,
Come, come, the way I will teach thee,
Guide thee by my eyes' guiding.

Oh be not like a horse or mule,
Wholly devoid of reason's rule,
Whose mouths thyself dost bridle,
Knowing full well that beasts they be
And therefore soon would mischief thee
If thou remainedst idle.

Woes, woes shall come to wicked folks;
But who on God his trust invokes,
All mercies shall be swarmed.
Be glad, you good, in God have joy,
Joy be to you, who do enjoy
Your hearts with clearness armed.

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