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First Line: He that hath eternall being
Last Line: Us till death forsaking never.

He that hath Eternall being
Glorious is and glorious showes
In the citty he hath chose
Where stands his holy hill
Hill, Sion hill of fairest seeing
Citty of the King most great
Seated in a Northly seat
All Climes with joy doth fill
In each pallace she contayneth
God a well known rock remayneth.

One day Kings a day appoynted
There with joyned force to be
See they it? The things they see
Amaze their mated minds
Flying, trembling, disappoynted
So they feare, and so they fare
As the Wife whose wofull care
The pangs of childbed finds
Right as shipps from Tarshish going
Crusht with blasts of Eurus blowing

Now our sight hath matcht our hearing
In what state Gods Citty stands
How supported by his hands
God ever holds the same
In Thy Temples midst appearing
Wee thy favour Lord attend
Righteous Lord both free from end
Thy fame doth match Thy Name
Thy just hand brings Sion gladness
Turns to mirth all Judas sadness.

Compasse Sion in her standing
Tell her Towers mark her forts
Note with care the stately ports
Her Royall houses beare
For that Ages understanding
Which shall come, when We shall go
Gladd in former time to know
How many, what they were
For God is Our God for ever
Us till death forsaking never.

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