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PSALM 4; AUGUST 10, 1653, by            
First Line: Answer me when I call
Last Line: Thou lord alone in safety mak'st me dwell.

Answer me when I call,
God of my righteousness;
In straits and in distress
Thou didst me disenthrall
And set at large; now spare,
Now pity me, and hear my earnest prayer.
Great ones how long will ye
My glory have in scorn,
How long be thus forborne
Still to love vanity,
To love, to seek, to prize
Things false and vain and nothing else but lies?
Yet know the Lord hath chose,
Chose to himself apart
The good and meek of heart
(For whom he chose he knows);
Jehovah from on high
Will hear my voice what time to him I cry.
Be awed, and do not sin,
Speak to your hearts alone,
Upon your beds, each one,
And be at peace within.
Offer the offerings just
Of righteousness and in Jehovah trust.
Many there be that say
Who yet will show us good?
Talking like this world's brood;
But Lord, thus let me pray,
On us lift up the light,
Lift up the favour of thy count'nance bright.
Into my heart more joy
And gladness thou hast put
Than when a year of glut
Their stores doth over-cloy
And from their plenteous grounds
With vast increase their corn and wine abounds.
In peace at once will I
Both lay me down and sleep,
For thou alone dost keep
Me safe where'er I lie;
As in a rocky cell
Thou Lord alone in safety mak'st me dwell.

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