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First Line: The foole in foolish fancy says
Last Line: May joy and jacob rest.

The foole in foolish Fancy says
There is no God that marks mens wayes
So he and all the Witless train
Such deeds both do, and don maintain
Whose hatefull touch the earth doth stain
Who good among them? None

Even God that can most nearly pry
Hath cast on them his searching eye
Searching if any God would know
What finds he? All astraying go
All so corrupt and cankred so
Not one doth good, not one.

O Fury! Are Gods people bred
For as they were so are ye fedd
On them, ye Wolvish Canibals
And unto God, which of you calls?
But lo great feare upon you falls
From what you feared least

For God shall so his people wreake
That He whole armys boanes shall breake
Chased by them with shame and scorn
Ah! when shall time away be worne
That Israel Syons Saviour born
May joy and Jacob rest.

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