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First Line: Thy mercy lord, lord now thy mercy
Last Line: The sunbeames of thy face!

Thy mercy Lord, Lord now thy mercy show
On Thee I ly
To Thee I fly
Hide me hive me as thyne own
Till these blasts be overblown
Which now do fiercely blow

To highest God I will erect my cry.
Who quickly shall
Dispatch this all
He shall down from heaven send
From disgrace me to defend
His love and verity

My soul enraged lyes with lions brood
Villains whose hands
Are fiery brands
Teeth more sharp than shaft or speare
Tongues farr better edg do beare
Than swords to shed thy blood

As high as highest Heav'n can give thee place
O Lord ascend
And thence extend
With most bright most glorious show
Over all the earth below
The Sunbeames of Thy face!

Me to entangle ev'ry way I go
Their trap and nett
Is ready set
Holes they digg, but their own holes
Pitfalls make for their own soules
So Lord, O serve them so

My heart prepar'd, prepared is my heart
To spred Thy prayse
With tuned laies
Wake my tongue, my lute awake
Thou my harp the Consort make
My self will beare a part

My self when first the morning shall appeare
My voice and string
So will Thee sing
That this earthly globe and all
Treading on this earthly ball
My praysing notes shall heare

For God my only God Thy gracious love
Is mounted farr
Above each starr
Thy unchanged verity
Heavnly wings do lift as high
As clouds have roome to move

As high as highest heav'n can give Thee place
O Lord ascend
And thence extend
With most bright most glorious show
Over all the Earth below
The Sunbeames of Thy Face!

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