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PSALM 58 (VERSION 2), by            
First Line: You that in judgment sitt
Last Line: As each mans good or ill deserves.
Subject(s): Flattery; Justice

You that in judgment sitt
Is this to speake what is in judgment fitt
Is this aright to sentence wronged case
O you but earthly Adams race
Though higher sett in honourd place?

Nay is not this the wrong
Which in your hearts you have revolved long
Now to the World in practice to display?
To whom where justice you should weigh
Oppression you in ballance lay

But never did I look
From you for better, since the shape you took
Of men; since first you fedd on breathing wind
With lying mouth, and wronging mind
From truth and right you still declin'd.

Not only Serpents hisse
But Serpents poyson in them lodged is.
Poyson such as the Subtile Aspick beares
Whose tayle ev'n then doth stop her eares
When shee the skilfull'st charmer heares

Their teeth Lord, where they stand
Crack in their mouths: crush with thy bruising hand
These lions jawes; as water in dry ground
So make them sink: when they would wound
Breake thou their shafts, their shott confound

O let them so decay
As the dishoused snail doth melt away
Or as the Embryo, which formless yet
Dyes e're it lives, and cannot get
Though born to see sun rise, or sett.

O let their springing thorns
Ere bushes waxt they push with pricking horns
Be by untimely rooting overthrown
With whirlwinds topside turfway blown
As fruits which fall ere fully grown

Now when the just shall see
This justice justly done by justest Thee
On the unjust, and their no juster brood
They shall glad at so great a good
Bath righteous feet in wicked blood

And thus in heart shall say
Sure a reward doth for the righteous stay
There is a God whose justice never swerves
But good or ill to each man carves
As each mans good or ill deserves.

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