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First Line: To thee I cry
Last Line: I dayly vowes will pay to thee.

To thee I cry
My crying heare
To Thee my praying voice doth fly
Lord lend my voice a listning eare
From Country bannished
All Comfort vanished
To Thee I run when storms are nigh.

Up to Thy hill
Lord make me clime
Which else to scale exceeds my skill
For in my most distressed time
Thy eye attended me
Thy hand defended mee
Against my foe for my fortresse still.

Then where a Tent
For Thee is made
To harbour still is my intent
And to Thy wings protecting shade
My self I carry will
And there I tarry will
Safe from all shott against me bent

What first I crave
First granting me
That I the royall rule may have
Of such as feare and honour Thee
Let yeeres as manyfold
As can be any told
My King O God keep from the grave.

Before Thy face
Grant ever he
May sit, and let Thy truth and grace
His endless guard appointed be
Then singing pleasantly
Praysing uncessantly
I dayly vowes will pay to thee.

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