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PSALM 63, by            
First Line: O god, thou art both god, and good to me
Last Line: Who lying mouths will stop, lyars destroy.
Subject(s): Holidays; Thanksgiving

O God, thou art both God, and good to me
Thee to find I therfore will
Employ my skill
When first my Sight the morning light shall see

Within my Soul a thirst of thee dos dwell
Nay my body more doth crave
Thy tast to have
Than in this desert dry a springing Well

This desert whence when I my thoughts do reare
I no lesse behold thy might
And glory bright
Than if I in Thy Sanctuary were

For mercys thyne, so kind Thy mercys are
All life joyes nay life surmount
Which to recount
My thankfull lips no time, no paine shall spare

As long as life Thy gift, Thy loving gift
Leaves me not, my joyfull prayse
Thy name shall rayse
Wherin to Thee I praying hands will lift

My hungry Soul most dainty food doth tast
When of Thee I dreame in night
Or think in light
Or have my tongue upon thy prayses plac't.

Thy Safeguard me from perill hath preserv'd
Hiv'd by Thee I dry have lain
From showres of pain
Thy hand to me this life hath still reserv'd.

But who persue, and would me headlong throw
Headlong shall themselves be thrown
With tempest blown
Into the place in lowest earth most low.

The murthring blade shall first their life devoure
Carkases of life bereft
Shall there be left
Where foxes teeth shall have them in their power.

As for the King, The King in God shall joy
So shall they who evermore
His name adore
Who lying mouths will stop, lyars destroy.

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