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First Line: This voice wherin my grief I show
Last Line: Shall boast in god their captains might.

This voice wherin my grief I show
With gracious eare lord entertaine
And let my life in rest remain
By Thee preserv'd from feared foe
O hide me where they may not know.
Whose wicked witts in wiles are spent
And rage to working wrong is bent

For their sharp tongues such edg do beare
As fretted stones give whetted Swords
They levell so with bitter words
As if not words but shafts they were
Which they embusht and free from feare
When none could think, where none could see
Discharg upon poore harmless me

Nay obstinate to ill they go
Discoursing how they Snares may lay
They say who sees? and well they may
For sure they search each corner so
No guile no fraud can ly so low
But these will find in any part
Ev'n in the depth of deepest heart

But Thou O God a shaft shalt send
Death striking them with suddain blow
And their own tongues to their own Woe
Shall all their wounding sharpness bend
Then all shall quake that see their end
And all the earth their end shall see
And seing prayse Gods just decree

Meanwhile on his Almighty Name
The just man vext by man unjust
Shall cast the Anchor of his trust
And land his comfort on the same
And such whose Consciences not lame
Upright can stand, and march aright
Shall boast in God their Captains might.

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