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PSALM 7. DOMINE DEUS MEUS, by            
First Line: O lord, my god, thou art my trustful stay
Last Line: And will to highest name yield praises high.

O Lord, my God, Thou art my trustful stay;
O save me from this persecution's shower;
Deliver me in my endangered way
Lest lion-like he do my soul devour,
And cruelly in many pieces tear
While I am void of any helping power.
O Lord, my God, if I did not forbear
Ever from deed of any such desert,
If ought my hands of wickedness do bear,
If I have been unkind for friendly part,
Nay if I wrought not for his freedom's sake
Who causeless now yields me a hateful heart,
Then let my foe chase me, and chasing take;
Then let his foot upon my neck be set;
Then in the dust let him my honor rake.
Arise, O Lord, in wrath Thyself upset
Against such rage of foes. Awake for me
To that high doom which I by Thee must get.
So shall all men with lauds environ Thee.
Therefore, O Lord, lift up Thy throne on high
That every folk Thy wondrous acts may see.
Thou, Lord, the people shalt in judgment try;
Then Lord, my Lord, give sentence on my side
After my clearness, and my equity.
O let their wickedness no longer bide
From coming to the well-deserved end,
But still be Thou to just men justest guide.
Thou righteous proofs to hearts, and reins dost send,
And all my help from none but Thee is sent,
Who dost Thy saving health to true men bend.
Thou righteous art, Thou strong, Thou patient,
Yet each day art provoked Thine ire to show
For this same man will not learn to repent,
Therefore Thou whet'st Thy sword, and bend'st Thy bow,
And hast Thy deadly arms in order brought
And ready art to let Thine arrows go.
Lo, he that first conceived a wretched thought,
And great with child of mischief travailed long,
Now brought abed, hath brought nought forth, but nought.
A pit was digged by this man vainly strong,
But in the pit he ruined first did fall,
Which fall he made to do his neighbor wrong.
He against me doth throw, but down it shall
Upon his pate, his pain employed thus
And his own evil his own head shall appall.
I will give thanks unto the Lord of us
According to His heavenly equity
And will to highest name yield praises high.

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