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PSALM 71, by                
First Line: On thee my trust is grounded
Last Line: Who work my woe.

On Thee my trust is grounded.
Lord let me never be
With shame confounded
But set me free
And in Thy justice rescue me
Thy gracious eare to meward bend
And me defend.

Be Thou my rock my Tower
My ever safe resort
Whose saving power
Hath not been short
To work my safety, for my Fort
On Thee alone is built; in Thee
My strong holds be.

Me, O my God deliver
From wicked, wayward hand
God my help giver
On whom I stand
And stood since I could understand
Nay since by life I first became
What now I am.

Since prison'd in my mother
By Thee I prison brake
I trust no other
No other make
My stay, no other refuge take
Void of Thy praise no time doth find
My mouth and mind

Men for a monster took me
Yet hope of help from Thee
Never forsook me
Make then by me
All men with praise extolld may see
Thy glory Thy magnificence
Thy excellence

When feeble yeares do leave me
No stay of other sort
Do not bereave me
Of Thy support
And fail not then to be my fort
When weakness in me killing might
Usurps his right

For now against me banded
My foes have talkt of me
Now unwithstanded
Who their spyes be
Of me have made a firm Decree
(Lo!) God to him hath bid a Dieu
Now then persue.

Persue say they and take him
No succour can he win
No refuge make him
O God begin
To bring with speed Thy forces in
Help me my God, my God, I say
Go not away.

But let them be confounded
And perish by whose hate
My soul is wounded
And in one rate
Let them all share in shamefull state
Whose counsells, as their farthest end
My wrong intend

For I will still persever
My hopes on Thee to rayse
Augmenting ever
Thy praise with praise
My mouth shall utter forth alwayes
Thy Truths, Thy Helps, whose summ surmounts
My best accounts.

Thy force keeps me from fearing
Nor ever dread I ought
Thy justice bearing
In mindfull thought
And glorious Acts which Thou hast taught
Me from my youth, and I have shown
What I have known

Now age doth overtake me
And paint my head with Snow
Do not forsake me
Untill I show
The ages, which succeding grow
And every after living wight
Thy Pow're and might.

How is Thy Justice raysed
Above the height of thought
How highly praised
What Thou hast wrought
Sought let be all that can be sought
None shall be found, nay none shall be
O God like Thee

What if Thou down didst drive me
Into the Gulf of woes
Thou wilt revive me
Again from those
And from the Deep, which deepest goes
Exalting me again wilt make
Me comfort take.

My greatness shall be greater
By Thee: by comfort Thyne
My good state better
O lute of mine
To prayse his truth thy tunes incline
My Harp extoll the Holy One
In juda known

My voice to my Harp join thee
My Soul Sav'd from decay
My voice conjoin Thee
My tongue each day
In all mens viewe his justice lay
Who hath disgrac'd and shamed so
Who work my woe.

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