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First Line: Onely to juda god his will doth signify
Last Line: In terryfying kings, who earth do terrify.

Onely to Juda God his will doth signify
Only in Israel is his Name notorious
His restfull tent doth only Salem dignify
On Sion only stands his dwelling glorious
There bow and shaft and shield and sword he shivered
Drave Warr from us and Us from Warr delivered.

Above proud Princes, proudest in their theivery
Thou art exalted high, and highly glorifyd
Their weake attempts, Thy valiand delivery
Their Spoyle Thy conquest meet to be historyfyed
The mighty handless were as men that slumbered
For hands were mightless, sense and life encombered

Nay God, O God, true Jacobs sole Devotion
Thy check the very Carrs, and horses mortify'd
Cast in dull sleep and quite depriv'd of motion
Most fearfull God! O how must he be fortify'd
Whose fearlesse foot to bide Thy onset tarryeth
When once Thy wrath displayed Ensign carryeth.

From out of heav'n Thy justice judgment thundered
When good by thee were savd, and badd were punished
While Earth at Heav'n with feare and silence wondered
Yea the most ragefull in their rage astonished
Fell to prayse Thee, whom Thou however furious
Shalt eft restraine, if fury prove injurious.

Then let your vowes bee paid, your offring offerred
Unto the Lord, o you of his Protection
Unto the fearfull let your gifts be proffered
Who loppeth princes thoughts, prunes their affection
And so himself most terribly doth verify
In terryfying Kings, who Earth do terrify.

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