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PSALM 81, by            
First Line: All gladness gladdest hearts can hold
Last Line: Filled hath, yea over filled.

All gladness gladdest hearts can hold
In merryest notes that mirth can yeild
Let joyfull songs to God unfold
To Jacobs God our sword and shield
Muster hither Musicks joyes
Lute and Lyre, and Tabrets noyse
Let no instrument be wanting
Chasing grief, and pleasure planting

When evry Month beginning takes
When fixed times bring Sacred dayes
When any feast his People makes
Let Trumpets tunes report his Praise
This to us a Law doth stand
Pointed thus by Gods own hand
Of his League a sign ordained
When his plagues had Egypt pained

There heard I, earst unheard by me
The voyce of God, who thus did say
Thy shoulder I from burden free
Free set thy hand from baked clay
Vexed Thou my aid didst crave
Thunderhidd I answer gave
Till the streames, where strife did move thee
Still I did with tryall prove Thee

I badd Thee then attentive be
And told Thee thus O Israel
This is my cov'nant that with Thee
No false nor forreign God should dwell
I am God Thy God that wrought
That Thou wert from Egypt brought
Open me Thy mouth to feed Thee
I will care, nought else shall need Thee.

But (ah!) my people scornd my voice
And Israel rebelled still
So then I left them to the choyse
Of froward way and wayward will
Why alas! why had not they
Heard my voice and held my way
Quickly I their foes had humbled
And their haters headlong tumbled.

Subdued by me, who them annoy'd
Had serv'd them now in servile state
And of my grant they had enjoyd
A lease of blisse with endless Date
Flowër of the finest wheat
Had been now their plenteous meat
Hony from the rocks distilled
Filled hath, yea over filled.

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