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PSALM 82, by            
First Line: Where poore men plead as princes barr
Last Line: Of all the earth belongs to thee!

Where poore men plead at Princes barr
What gods, as Gods vicegerents are
The God of gods hath his tribunall pight
Adjudging right
Both to the judg and judged wight

How long will yee just doome neglect
How should saith he badd men protect
You should his own unto the helpless give
The poore relieve
Ease him with right whom wrong doth grieve

You should the Fatherless defend
You should unto the weake extend
Your hand to loose, and quiet his estate
Through lewd mens hate
Entangled now in deep debate

This should you do, but what do ye
You nothing know, you nothing see
No light no Law; Fy, Fy, the very ground
Becomes unsound
So right, wrong, all your faults confound.

Indeed to you the stile I gave
Of gods, and sons of God to have
But err not Princes, you as men must dy
You that sitt high
Must fall and low as Others ly.

Since men are such O God arise
Thy self most strong, most just, most wise
Of all the earth King, Judg, Disposer bee
Since to decree
Of all the Earth belongs to Thee!

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