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PSALM 86, by                
First Line: Lord bend to me thyne care
Last Line: By thee, by thee my comfort wrought.
Subject(s): Holidays; Thanksgiving Day

Lord bend to me Thyne eare
And me heare
Most poore, and most oppressed
O save my soul distressed
Who deeply am Thy debtor
Save me and make my badd state better
For Thee my God I serve.
From Thee my hope doth never swerve.

Lord pitty of me take
For I make
To Thee my dayly crying
My heart in sorrow lying
With joy O Lord recomfort
For unto Thee my only comfort
My Soul doth strive to rise
With stretched hands and bended eyes.

For Thou art good and kind
Myld of mind
To all their prayürs sending
To Thee then well attending
Thy servant heare his praying
Gravely his petitions weighing
I cry, but when I need
I therfore of Thy help shall speed

Compar'd with other gods
By great odds
Thou Lord excell'st: none taketh
In hand, what thy hand maketh
All nations by Thee framed
Praising the Name, that Thou art named
Shall come and as his right
Shall fall adoring in Thy sight

Thou great in deed dost stand
From whose hand
O only God still floweth
Each work that wonder showeth
Thy path to me discover
And I O Lord with walking hover
Still in thy truth: O frame
My heart to love and feare Thy name.

My heart, Lord, all my heart
Shall take part
In praysing Thee: Thy glory
Shall be my endlesse story
Thou art a gracious giver
Of good to me, Thou dost deliver
My Soul from pitt of woe
Even from the pit that lyes most low

Se, God, how proud men arm
To my harm
See how the mighty number
My chased Soul incumber
Who Thee from eyes repelling
Reserve Thee in their sight no dwelling
But Thou Lord God, my King
Most mercyfull, wilt mercy bring

Thy Pardon prone Thou art
To impart
To anger slowly going
With truth and mildness flowing
With pitty then behold me
With Thy Support, my Lord, uphold me
For I Thy servant am
And of Thy handmaids body came

O set on me some Sign
To define
Me one by Thee embraced
That they with shame amated
May fall by whom my Soul is hated
Seing my Succour brought
By Thee, by Thee my comfort wrought.

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