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First Line: The constant promises, the loving graces
Last Line: Be this againe, I saie be this effected.

The constant promises, the loving graces
that cawse oure debt, Eternall Lord to thee
till ages shall fill up theire endles spaces
my thankfull songes unaltred theme shalbe
for of thy bountie, thus my thoughts decree:
It shalbe fully builte, as fairelie founded
and of thy truth attesting heav'ns shall see
the boundles periods, though theirs be bounded.

Loe I have leagu'd (thou saiest) with my ellected
and thus have to my Servant David sworne:
thy offspring kings, thy throne in state erected
by my supporte all threates of time shall scorne
And Lord, as running skies with wheeles unworne
ceasse not to lend this wonder theire comending
Soe with one mynd, oure praise no lesse adorne
this truth the holie troupes thy court attending.

For who with thee among the clowds compareth?
what Angell there thy Paragon doth raigne?
whose Majestie, whose peereles force declareth
the trembling awe of thy immortall trayne:
Lord God, whome hoasts redoubt, whoe can maintaine?
with thee in powerfullnes a Rivalls quarrell?
Strongest art thou, and must to end remaine
whome compleate faith doth Armour-like apparell.

Thy Lordlie checke, the Seas prowde courage quailed
and highly swelling lowlie made reside:
To crushe stowte Pharaoh, thy arme prevailed
what one thy foe, did undisperst abide?
The heaven, the Earth, and all in bosome wide
this huge rownd engine clipps, to thee pertaineth
which firmelie based, not to shake, to slide
the unseene hindge of North, and South sustaineth:

For North and South were both by thee created
and those crosse pointes our bounding hills behould
Thabor and Hermon, in whose joye related
thy glorious grace to East, and West is tould:
Thy name all power, all puissance doth enfould
Thy lifted hand a might of wonder sheweth.
Justice and Judgment doe thy throne uphould
before thy presence, truth with mercie goeth.

Happie the people, whoe with hastie running
poste to thy Courte when trumpets triumphes blowe:
on pathes enlighted by thy faces sunning,
theire stepps Jehova unoffended goe:
Thy name both makes them gladd, and houlds them soe
high thoughts into theire harts thy justice powreth
The worship of theire strength from thee doth flowe
and in thy love theire springing Empire floweth.

For by Jehova's Shield stand wee protected,
and thou gav'st Israell theire sacred kinge:
what time in vision thus thy word dirrected
thy loved Prophet, aide I will you bringe
against that violence your state doth wringe
from one among my folke, by choice appointed:
David my Servant, him to act the thinge,
have I with holie Oile, my self annointed.

My hand shall bide his never failing piller
And from mine Arme shall he derive his might
Not closelie undermyn'd by curssed willer
Nor overthrowne by foe in open fight.
For I will quaile his vexers in his sight:
All that him hate by mee shalbe mischaunced
My truth my Clemencie, on him shall light
and in my name his head shalbe advaunced.

Advaunced soe, that twixte the watrie borders
of Seas, and floods, this noble land define
All shall obeye Subjected to the orders
which his imperious hand for lawes shall signe.
he unto mee shall saie: Thou father myne:
Thou art my God, the forte of my salvation
And I will him my first borne roome assigne
more highly thron'd, then king of greatest nation.

While circling times still ending and begining,
shall runne the race, where stopp nor starte appeares:
My bountie towards him, not ever lynning
I will conserve, nor write my league in yeares.
Naye more: his sonnes, whome fathers love indeeres
shall finde like blisse for legacie bequeathed:
A stedfast throne (I saie) till heavenly spheares,
Shall fainte in Course, where yet they never breathed.

Nowe if his children, doe my lawes abandon,
and other pathes then my plaine Judgements choose:
Breake my beheasts, and plainelie walke at randon,
and what I bidd with froward hart refuse
I meane indeede, on theire revolt to use,
Correcting rodd theire Sinne with whipps to chasten
not in theire fault my loves defect excuse
nor loose the promise once my faith did fasten.

My league shall hould my word persist unchaunged:
once sworne I have, and sworne in holines:
Never shall I from David be estraunged
his seede shall ever bide, his seate no lesse.
The daies bright guide, the nights pale Governesse
shall claime no longer lease of theire induring
whome I behould as heav'nly wittnesses
in turneles turnes, my termeles truth assuring.

And yet (O nowe) by thee abjected, skorned
scortcht with thy wrath, is thy annointed one:
hated his league, the crowne him late adorned
pull'd from his head, by thee, augments his mone
Raz'd are his fortes, his walls to ruyn gone:
not simplest passenger but on him praieth
his neighbours laugh, of all his haters, none
but boasts his wrack, and at his sorrowe plaieth.

Takes he his weapon? Thou the edge rebatest.
Comes to the field to fight? thou mak'st him flie.
Would march with kinglie pompe? thou him unstatest
Ascend his Throne? it overthrowne doth lie
his Ages springe, and tyme of jollitie,
winter of woe, before the daie defineth:
For praise, reproch: for honnour infamy,
he overladen beares, and bearing pineth.

Howe long (O Lord) what still in darke displeasure,
wilt thou thee hide? And shall thine angrie thought
still flame? O thinck how shorte oure ages measure:
Thinck if wee all created were for nought:
for whoe is he, whome birth to life hath brought
but life to Death, and Death to grave subjecteth,
from this necessitie, let all be sought:
no priviledg exempts, no aide protecteth.

Kynde Lord, where is the kindnes once thou swarest
swarest in truth thy Davids stock should finde:
Shewe lord, yet shewe thou for thy servants carest
houlding those shames in unforgetting mynde:
which wee imbosom'd beare of many a kynde
But all at thee, and at thy Christ dirrected
To endles whome, be endles praise assign'd:
be this againe, I saie be this effected.

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