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First Line: Thou oure refuge, thou oure dwelling
Last Line: Oure attempts with aide supplie.

Thou oure refuge, thou oure dwelling
O Lord hast beene from time to time
longe ere Mountaines prowdelie swelling
above the lowelie Dales did clime:
longe er th'earth embowl'd by thee
bare the forme it nowe doth beare
yea thou art God, for ever free
from all touch of age and yeare.

O but man by thee created
as he at first of Earth arose
when thy word his end hath dated
in equall state to earth he goes
Thou sai'st (and saieng mak'st it soe:)
Bee no more (O Adams heyre)
from whence ye came, dispatch to goe
Dust againe, as Dust ye were.

Graunt a thousand yeares be spared
to mortall man of life and light
what is that to be compared?
one daie, one quarter of a night.
when Death upon them stormelike falls
like unto a Dreame they growe:
which comes and goes, as fancie calls
nought in Substance, all in showe

As the herbe, that earlie groweth
which leaved greene, and flowred faire
ev'ning chaunge, with ruyn moweth
and laies to roste in withering ayre.
Soe in thy wrath wee fade awaie
with thy furie overthrowne
when thou in sight oure faults do'st laie
looking on oure sinnes unknowne.

Therefore in thy angrie fuming
his life of daies his measure spends
All oure yeares in Death consuming
right like a sownd that sownded ends.
Our daies of life make seventie yeares
eightie if one stronger be
whose cropp is labor, dollors feares
then awaie in poste wee flee.

Yet who notes thy angrie power
as he should feare, so fearing thee?
Make us count each vitall howre
make thou us wise, wee wise shalbe.
Turne Lord: shall theis things thus goe still?
let thy Servants peace obtaine:
us with thy joyfull bountie fill
endles joys in us shall raigne.

Gladd us nowe, as earst wee grieved
send yeares of good, for yeares of ill:
when thy hand hath us relieved,
shewe us and ours thy glorie still.
Both them, and us, not one exempt
with thy beawtie beawtifie
supplie with aide what wee attempt
oure attempts with aide supplie.

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