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First Line: Make the great god thy fort, and dwell
Last Line: Enjoy'd them long, save thee at last.

MAKE the great God thy fort, and dwell
In Him by faith and do not care
(So shaded) for the power of hell,
Or for the cunning fowler's snare,
Or poison of the infected air.

His plumes shall make a downy bed,
Where thou shalt rest: He shall display
His wings of truth over thy head,
Which, like a shield, shall drive away
The fears of night, the darts of day.

The winged plague that flies by night,
The murdering sword that kills by day,
Shall not thy peaceful sleeps affright,
Though on thy right and left hand they
A thousand and ten thousand slay.

Yet shall thine eyes behold the fall
Of sinners; but, because thine heart
Dwells with the Lord, not one of all
Those ills, nor yet the plague and dart,
Shall dare approach near where thou art.

His angels shall direct thy legs,
And guard them in the stony street:
On lions' whelps and adders' eggs
Thy steps shall march; and if thou meet
With dragons, they shall kiss thy feet.

When thou art troubled, He shall hear,
And help thee, for thy love embrac'd
And knew His name; therefore He'll rear
Thy honours high, and, when thou hast
Enjoy'd them long, save thee at last.

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