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First Line: O lovelie thing
Last Line: So just with him is nought unjust.

O lovelie thing
to sing and praises frame:
to thee (O Lord) and thy high name
with early springe
thy bountie to displaie
thy truth when night hat[h] vanish't daie
yea soe to singe
that tenn string'd instrument
with lute, and harpe and voice consent.

For Lord my mynde
thy workes with wonder fill
thy dooings are my comfort still
what witt can fynde
how bravelie thou hast wrought?
or deepelie sownd thy shallow'st thought?
The foole is blynde
And blyndlie doth not knowe
howe like the grasse the wicked growe.

The wicked growe,
like fraile, though flowrie grasse
and fallne to wracke, past helpe doe passe,
But thow not soe.
But high thow still dost staie:
and lowe thy haters fall awaie
Thy haters loe
decaie and perish shall
all wicked hands to ruyn fall.

Fresh oiled I
will livelie lift my horne
and match the matchless unicorne:
Myne eye shall spie
my spies in spightfull case
Myne eare shall heare my foes disgrace:
Like Cedar high
Or like date-bearing tree
for greene and growth the just shalbe.

Where God doth dwell
shalbe his spreading place
Gods Court shall his faire boughs imbrace
Evan then shall swell
his blossoms fatt, and faire
when aged rynd the stock shall beare.
And I shall tell
howe God my Rocke is juste
so just with him is nought unjust.

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