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PSALM 96, by                    
First Line: Singe, and let the songe be newe
Last Line: For the peoples weale provide.

Singe, and let the songe be newe,
unto him that never endeth
Sing all Earth, and all in you,
Singe to God, and blesse his name
of the help, the health he sendeth
daie by daie newe Ditties frame.

Make each countrie knowe his worth,
of his acts the wondred storie:
painte unto each people foorth
for Jehova greate alone
all the Gods for awe and glorie
farr above doth hould his throne.

For but Idolls, what are they
whome besides madd earth adoreth:
he the Skies in frame did laie
grace and honnor are his guides
Majestie his temple storeth
might in guard, about him bides.

Kindreds come, Jehova give,
give Jehova alltogither:
force and fame where soe you live
give his name the glorie fitt:
take your offrings, gett you thither
where he doth enshrined sitt.

Goe adore him in the place,
where his pompe is most displaied:
Earth O goe with quaking pace,
goe proclayme Jehova kinge
staieles world shall nowe be staied
righteous doome his rule shall bringe.

Starrie roofe, and Earthy floore
Sea and all thy widenes yeeldeth:
Nowe rejoyce, and leape, and roare;
Leavie infants of the wood:
fields, and all that on you feedeth,
Daunce, O daunce at such a good.

For Jehova cometh, loe
loe to raigne Jehova cometh
under whome, yee all shall goe,
he the world shall rightlie guide
trulie as a kinge becometh
for the peoples weale provide.

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