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First Line: O singe jehova, he hath wonders wrought
Last Line: And equall lawes among the dwellers make.

O singe Jehova, he hath wonders wrought:
A songe of praise that newenes may comend:
his hand, his holie Arme alone hath brought,
conquest on all, that durst with him contend.
he that salvacion his ellect attend,
longe hidd, at length, hath sett in open viewe:
And nowe the unbeleeving nations taught,
his heavnlie justice, yeelding each theire due.

His bountie, and his truth, the motives were,
promis'd of yore, to Jacob, and his race:
which everie Margine of this heav'nly spheare,
nowe sees performed, in his saving grace.
Then Earth, and all possessing Earthly place
O singe, O shoute, O triumph, and rejoice,
Make lute a parte, with vocall musicke beare
and entertaine this kinge with trumpets noise.

Roare sea, and all that trace the brynye sands:
Thou totall Globe and all that thee enjoy:
You Streamye Rivers, claspe your swyming hands
you Mountaines echo, each at others joy.
See on the Lord this service you imploie
whoe comes of Earth, the crowne, and rule to take:
And shall with upright justice, judge the lands,
And equall lawes among the dwellers make.

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