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THE BOOK OF EXODUS: SONG OF THE SEA, by                    
First Line: Now moses & now israel's children sing this song
Subject(s): Mysticism - Judaism; Sea; Ocean

now Moses & now Israel's children sing this song
to Yahveh saying
I would sing this song to YAHVEH
glorious in glory
horse & rider hurled into the sea
my strength my song are YAHVEH
victory is YAHVEH
THIS ONE is my god
I give my field to
is my father's gods
I raise him up
YAHVEH is a man of war
pharaoh's chariots
his army
hurled into the sea
his master drivers
sinking in the reed sea
red sea
's deeps have covered them
they drop into its shadows like a stone
your right hand
beautiful with power
your right hand
shatters your enemies
& by your endlessness of glories
those who stand against you
you put down
your anger issues
you eat them up
like straw
& by the winds your nostrils blow
the waters gathered
became a flowing hill
depths clotting in the heart of sea
the enemy had said
I will pursue them
I will catch them
I will divide the spoils
my life will be fulfilled in them
my sword be bare
my hand be their inheritor
you blew them with your wind
the sea has covered them
they sink like lead in mighty waters
who is like you
among the gods
who is like you
strong withdrawn
feared in our praises
doing wonders
you bent down your right hand
earth ate them up
became our lead in kindness
took this people to you
you our guide in power
to your holy field
the people heard
would tremble
writhing of the people of Philistia
the chiefs of Edom shaken up
the gods of Moab chattering
men of Canaan melted
fear & terror on their heads
the power of your arm has made them
still as any stone
until your people has passed over
when this people has passed over
whom you bought
you bring
you plant them
on the mountain
your inheritance
a place set up
for you to sit in
a place you worked
a holy place of ADONAI our masters
your hands set up
YAHVEH will be king
o world o time


& Miriam the seer Aaron's sister
took drum in hand
the other women moved behind her
beating drums & dancing
Miriam responded
"sing to YAHVEH
"glorious in glory
"horse & rider hurled into the sea
"my strength my song are YAHVEH

Used with the permission of Copper Canyon Press, P.O. Box 271, Port Townsend, WA
98368-0271, www.cc.press.org

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