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LOLA WEARS LACE, by            
First Line: What rare dark woman of my world
Last Line: Scornful day!
Subject(s): Lace

What rare dark woman of my world
Can wear white lace
As Lola does?
Something I think it is
About the smooth cold look of her --
Her little jewelled head,
And her skin's mat-ivory gleam,
And a way she has
Of being still.
The flower-shadows in the lace
Droop like soft fingers
Down her limbs' long glacial
Purity of line.

And who but a cold high woman
Could twine lace about her throat --
Could hold her charm
Through all the intricate pale harmonies,
The dim strange other-world
Of silky shadow and sharp light?

I would not touch Lola
Wearing lace,
Knowing how shine her eyes' dark diamonds
Like flames
Refleflcted in the cloudy surfaces
Of mirrors;
But I would be near her,
Deep compounded as she seems
Of smoky essences
Drawn from slow-dying vapors
That glow by night --
Cold zenith streamer,
Dreaming the aurora of some
Scornful day!

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