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ETERNITY, by                
First Line: Enough for me to realize
Last Line: Through deathless time's eternal range.
Subject(s): Future Life; Immortality; Reincarnation; Retribution; Eternity; After Life; Transmigration; Pretas

Enough for me to realize
That after Death shall close my eyes
In silent rest, my human form
By lover, friend, no longer pressed,
I shall, one day, to life resurge
In verdant vine or way-side flower,
In flaunting poppy, violet coy,
Or cooling, shady bower.

What more to crave than rise again
In petaled fragrance, mantled fair;
My essence lend to ripening fruit
That tangs and mellows in the air?

The scent, the lure, the bloom of me
May nectar give to honey-bee;
Or, on my branch, a warbler's quest
May find a shelter for her nest.

And if, perchance, a noisome weed,
A bitter herb, or thistle dart
Should from my dust the land disturb
By some profane, alchemic art,
'Twill be but evil cropping out,
The vile of me, again about.

Immortal, I. My tendrils reach
To future growth. A pleasing thought;
In something that endures, that is,
My ego shall be aptly wrought.

Eternal, I. Forever more
My energy shall reappear
In some delight, or ugly sore,
In some place, far or near;
My being, Phoenix-like, shall rise
From earth's dear pillow, old and warm,
To verdure smiling to the skies,
To some live thing to breast the storm.

Immortal, I. My cycle runs
As long as planets move or change;
Appearing ever, never lost,
Through deathless Time's eternal range.

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