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BY WAY OF THE STARS, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Raise, gentle muse, a worthy note!
Last Line: And take the stars along our way.
Subject(s): Creation; Hope; Soul; Stars; Optimism

A converted Astronomer being interrogated as to the comparative merits of
Religion and the Science which he had idolized, answered: "I am now bound for
Heaven and I take the stars in my way."

Raise, gentle Muse, a worthy note!
Ye stars inspire a lofty strain!
From sphere to sphere let echoes float,
Till wide creation sing again.

With tube and glass I long had strove,
To solve the planetary law;
Had stretched the view around, above,
Till overwhelmed by what I saw.

As in the wakeful hours of night,
I traced the universe alone;
Saw planets march in airy flight,
The science as an idol shone.

Yea, science to my erring sight,
Rose goddess of the vast profound;
She moved among the orbs of light,
As if she ruled them in their round.

And while the earth prolonged my stay,
Nor faith could lift me to the skies,
The soul aspired to wing its way
To worlds that swept before mine eyes.

Ah, was there still beyond their goal,
Far, far beyond our mortal ken,
A God that ruled without control?
A final home for weary men?

Yea, doubt it not; for world on world,
And all the planetary band,
Would rush away -- in ruin hurled,
Except for one Almighty hand.

And while we scan the distant zones,
And suns and moons and stars explore,
They seem to form but stepping stones
To God above whom we adore.

Our hopes are there -- beyond the skies;
This earth -- a short, a painful stay;
To that dear home we soon will rise,
And take the stars along our way.

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