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THE CONTRAST; THE SUNNY SIDE, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Sweet is the nuptial morn. Now hearts are light
Last Line: Thy love and peace, and worship ever there!
Subject(s): Hearts; Life; Love; Pride; Self-esteem; Self-respect

Sweet is the nuptial morn. Now hearts are light,
From dreams of bliss in wedded life begun;
The altar now performs its solemn rite;
The mystic ring now links the two in one;
And longing hours of sentimental fiction,
An echo find in closing benediction.

"At home;" assembled now a brilliant throng;
Fair one, congratulations all are thine!
And wit and repartee and laugh prolong
The merry hours that swim in generous wine:
All hearts exclaim with every foaming tide:
Long life and health, thou lovely, happy bride!

Adieu, the time is up; the parting kiss,
For wedding tour, must close the festive scene:
How flies the train with flying hours of bliss!
How smiles the landscape in its dress of green!
'Tis night -- 'tis morn -- a moment and 'tis noon,
For hours are minutes in the honey-moon.

Now varied objects gaily shine around;
In fond affection lost are all our fears;
In changing scene new pleasures yet abound;
In wild excitement now the world appears:
So light the heart, the step so light and free,
We scarcely touch, but skim along the lea.

That playful fondness meets the stranger's eye;
The soft contagion to his heart extends;
His breast is troubled with a heaving sigh,
And proudest mind to Cupid's sceptre bends:
Monarchs have toiled for universal sway,
But love, without an effort, gains the day.

Observed of all observers; and the side,
To which the busy tongue will ever tend;
For well the air content betrays the bride,
And courts congratulations without end.
Then let us grant them, cheerfully, to bless,
And swell the sum of human happiness.

How sweet, in modest home, the honey-moon!
Where pride is banished, and where wants are few;
Where pure affection, as a precious boon,
Is true, and constant, and forever new:
O where, but here, can Paradise be found!
'Tis heaven itself, begun on earthly ground.

The months, the years, in social order move;
The solid virtues crown the happy state;
And kindly voices echo wedded love,
And smooth the path of life, and banish hate;
Domestic altar! let me ever share
Thy love and peace, and worship ever there!

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