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TO THE AUTHOR OF TEUCHSA GRONDIE, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Immortal bard! Thy graphic pen
Last Line: As if you felt the red man's glory.
Subject(s): Bards; Pride; Soldiers; Self-esteem; Self-respect

Immortal Bard! Thy graphic pen,
Hath well the love and hate portrayed,
Of haughty chieftains, mighty men,
That once the western empire swayed.

You sing of huts around the square;
Of bean and corn and vine and squash;
Of banquet with its ample fare,
Of sagamite and succotash.

The dance upon the gala day;
The hunt towards the evening star;
The wild adventures far away --
The prelude of approaching war.

The tomahawk and scalping knife;
The paint and plume that grimly tell
Of whoop and shout and battle strife,
That might awaken nether hell.

The warrior panting for the fray,
The vengeful spirit none can tame;
The fiery charge, the wild foray,
The village in devouring flame.

The far-famed happy hunting ground,
Where vales of blooming spring abide;
Where shadows of the chase abound,
And spirits move in all their pride.

In rhyme and melody to please,
Melifluent as the crystal stream,
Thy Muse hath told us all of these;
Thy heroes in the stanzas gleam.

Yea of that wild unlettered race,
You well have made the record due;
Thy pencil, Bard, with skill and grace,
Has drawn the picture full and true.

And well hast thou the legend sung,
Inspired the varied, thrilling story;
As if you spoke the Indian tongue,
As if you felt the Red Man's glory.

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