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THE END, by                    
First Line: The day is passing
Last Line: But what matters?
Subject(s): Love; Night; Bedtime

The day is passing.
Long purple shadows,
Stretch jagged fingers
Across my pathway.

The gnarled oaks,
Heave and moan,
Making the darkness a fearful place.
But what matters?

I hear your footsteps
On the flagged walk.
Your tiny heels clicking
In a measured tempo,
Like the pulsating rhythm of castanets.

I stand in silence,
But my heart sings a melody of happiness
And lo! you come.
Breaking the silence with a gentle song,
Ah yes—a song as old as heaven
Yet as new as the last beat of my heart.

My arms lock round you
In a warm embrace,
And kisses, numerous as the stars
Fall hungrily upon your lips.

You speak not, neither do you stir.
Only the rustle of your silken robe
Mocks the beating of my heart.
Again 'tis silent
The purple shadows turn to black.
But what matters?

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