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RAINY SEASON, by            
First Line: Now is the time of rain
Last Line: And blossoms with the garden.
Subject(s): Rain

Now is the time of rain
When heavenly rivers change their courses
And pour their crystal flood
On the steaming tropic earth with its trees of flame
And red trumpets of hibiscus blaring heat --
Dancing, molten heat like burnished metals
Shortly to be molded into a god for human sacrifice.
This aching brilliance is changed in the twinkling of an eye,
Without warning the sudden curtain falls
And a new world, wrapped in liquid cellophane, thrills the senses.
Subdued, yet almost too beautiful to bear
As were the violets and roses pressed under glass in childhood.
The magic of the rhythm of the rain,
Resolving discords of color and mad desires
Into harmony and peace.
And in this lush growing season
When bamboo is heard climbing in the night
And myriad jasmine stars light the drenched day,
My heart forgets its searing barrenness
And blossoms with the garden.

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