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A VOICE FOR EDWARD, by                    
First Line: The glad day, the joyous: what was
Last Line: Although it be late; although already the light flickers.
Subject(s): Past

The glad day, the joyous: what was --
when there was love and not love's echo: --
those day are gone, Edward.

O the ill season!
the thought going forth, the image haunting
this house, before without danger!
O ill day, the truth hidden, the reality
concealed, this day the dream made reality:
before, there was peace, and in our dwelling
no ill that day, nor hell's reverberation.

And nothing here, Edward -- only the ghost-haunted
room, the shell, empty, the memory
and Vivian not here
(Sound for a token
now, and the house trembles ...)

Edward! Edward! the night fallen.

What will not come again is best forgotten;
better lie down at the end of days,
lie down forgetting, under roofs or the lilac
than be sad, remembering without reason.

Better to walk in the free air, and be forsaken;
better to fret in the night, hearing the night's answer
than to remain here -- here, where the house tightens:

The purpose shining, the beautiful that lights all things
knowing not its own purpose: we are such people,
born out of hand: and we must be abroad and seeking
although it be late; although already the light flickers.

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