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BEYOND THE ATOM, by                
First Line: A myriad charged electrons coursing around
Last Line: Of super-sensory intelligence.
Subject(s): Science; Scientists

A myriad charged electrons coursing around
Their nuclear suns: This is my study table;
The very wood of it, I mean, as found
In yours, and mine, and theirs, and theirs; a fable
More preposterous than dreams, yet true.
My hand feels an inert surface, weight is supported,
Vision of things beyond is blocked; still through
My senses I am deceived, fact is distorted.

If then my scientific mind cries out:
"There is no God -- I cannot see Him, hear Him,
Touch His face"; shall this be cause for doubt?
Always the troubled, seeking heart draws near Him,
Finding in things unseen the evidence
Of super-sensory Intelligence.

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