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First Line: Silent, I sat within the boat
Last Line: Shrill did the sea-mew cry.
Alternate Author Name(s): Lake, Claude
Subject(s): Love - Absence Of; Longing

SILENT, I sat within the boat,
The earth and sea were still;
The mist wrapped softly, fold on fold,
O'er wood, and dale, and hill:

Dim shone the moon, and far away
The sea lay waste and bare;
Low-wailing Ossian's ghost did float
Across the water drear.

And wailing low, my weary heart,
Sighed from its inner deep:
Oh Love, that I could lay me down
Upon thy breast, and sleep!

Oh Love, thou art the cradle, thou,
To rock the heart to rest;
Oh Love, thou art the fountain, thou
With waters cool and blest.

Where art thou, Love? Oh, loud I call!
Life's dust and heat they lie
Upon my wings, and drag them down:
Oh, hear me where I sigh!

So sadly did the moon look down,
Sadly she seemed to sigh:
Yea, where is Love? and where is rest?
Shrill did the sea-mew cry.

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