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First Line: Can the soul die, believe you?
Last Line: The ever living soul.
Alternate Author Name(s): Lake, Claude
Subject(s): Soul

"CAN the soul die, believe you?
Because it seems to me
My soul is dead and buried,
So still it seems to be.

"It quivers not with joy;
It moaneth not with pain;
There is no note in nature
Awakens it again.

"Those white clouds in the azure;
Those lanes; those breezy trees;
Those softly gliding swallows;
Those fluted melodies;

"Those shadows in the meadows,
Running a fitful race;
With pleasure once they thrilled me,
But coldly now I gaze."

Fear not; oh! not so lightly
The soul of mortal dies;
It has but wept itself to sleep,
And all unconscious lies.

The surging feelings overwrought,
They have but ebbed away,
And left the soul a little while
With all their changeful spray.

But stronger, deeper, fuller, in
The billowy tide will roll,
And overflood, with life and love,
The ever living soul.

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