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SPHINX-MONEY, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Where pyramids and temple wrecks are piled
Last Line: To amon-ra through karnak's pillared halls.
Alternate Author Name(s): Lake, Claude
Subject(s): Egypt; Ruins; Sphinx

WHERE Pyramids and temple-wrecks are piled
Confusedly on camel-coloured sands,
And the mute Arab motionlessly stands,
Like some swart god who never wept or smiled, --
I picked up mummy relics of the wild
(And sea-shells once with clutching baby hands),
And felt a wafture from old Motherlands,
And all the morning wonder of a Child

To find Sphinx-money. So the Beduin calls
Small fossils of the waste. Nay, poet's gold;
'Twill give thee entrance to those rites of old,
When hundred-gated Thebes, with storied walls,
Gleamed o'er her Plain, and vast processions rolled
To Amon-Ra through Karnak's pillared halls.

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